Quick Answer: Is Height A Discrete Variable?

Is gender a discrete variable?

Discrete data: when the variable is restricted to specific defined values.

For example, “male” or “female” are categorical discrete data values..

Is shoe size a discrete variable?

1. Shoe size is whole number (discrete), but the underlying measure is foot length which is measurement (continuous) data. Even half sizes are still not really measurement but “whole number”, because there is nothing between size 8 and 8 1/2. 2.

What are 3 types of variables?

There are three main variables: independent variable, dependent variable and controlled variables.

Is height a categorical variable?

Gender and race are the two other categorical variables in our medical records example. … Weight and height are also examples of quantitative variables.

Is gender a continuous variable?

Gender can be a continuous variable, not just a categorical one: Comment on Hyde, Bigler, Joel, Tate, and van Anders (2019)

Is Money discrete or continuous?

A continuous distribution should have an infinite number of values between $0.00 and $0.01. Money does not have this property – there is always an indivisible unit of smallest currency. And as such, money is a discrete quantity.

Is heart rate a discrete or continuous variable?

Variables such as heart rate, platelet count and respiration rate are in fact discrete yet are considered continuous because of large number of possible values. Only those variables which can take a small number of values, say, less than 10, are generally considered discrete.

Can a random variable be both discrete and continuous?

These are random variables that are neither discrete nor continuous, but are a mixture of both. In particular, a mixed random variable has a continuous part and a discrete part. Thus, we can use our tools from previous chapters to analyze them.

Is water discrete or continuous?

Volume is continuous, so the amount of water would be represented by a continuous random variable. The number of minutes is countable, so it would be a discrete variable.

Is pH discrete or continuous?

Continuous variables are those values that cover an uninterrupted and large range of scales. A good example of a continuous variable is pH. It can be 2.4, 7.0, 8.5, etc. – any of a wide range of values between 0 and 14.

Is height a discrete or continuous variable?

Discrete data is data where it has to be from a certain set of values e.g a shoe size can only be a certain value. The height is continuous as the height could take multiple values e.g from 10m all the way up 18.95m.

Is length a discrete variable?

Continuous random variables are often measurements, such as weight or length. We view measurements as continuous even though the limitations of a ruler or a scale give discrete measurements.

Is salary discrete or continuous?

Glossary: Discrete Data For example, salary levels and performance classifications are discrete variables, whereas height and weight are continuous variables.

What is discrete continuous and qualitative data?

Qualitative Data are not numbers. They may include favorite foods; religions; ethnicities; etc.. Discrete Data are numbers that may take on specific, separated values. … Continuous Data are numbers that may take on all sorts of decimal or fractional values.

Is temperature a discrete or continuous variable?

Temperature is continuous variable as it does have fractional value too. For example: Today’s temperature is 30. 5 degree Celsius, here 30. 5 is not a discrete variable and hence is a continuous variable.

Is a gallon of water continuous or discrete?

And we do not often think of dividing a dog or house into parts, e.g. 1.6 dogs, so again that sounds like they are discrete. A person’s weight, gallons of water, the length of a football field, the speed of a car, the temperature of the ocean, price of gas, all must be measured, so they are continuous variables.

Is the height of an office building discrete or continuous?

Question: Determine Whether The Quantitative Variable Is Discrete Or Continuous Height Of An Office Building Is The Variable Discrete Or Continuous? O A. The Variable Is Continuous Because It Is Countable.

Is age continuous or discrete?

We could be infinitly accurate and use an infinite number of decimal places, therefore making age continuous. However, in everyday appliances, all values under 6 years and above 5 years are called 5 years old. So we use age usually as a discrete variable.

How do you know if something is discrete or continuous?

A discrete variable is a variable whose value is obtained by counting. A continuous variable is a variable whose value is obtained by measuring. A random variable is a variable whose value is a numerical outcome of a random phenomenon. A discrete random variable X has a countable number of possible values.

What variable is height?

Continuous variables Examples of a continuous variable are distance, age and temperature. The measurement of a continuous variable is restricted by the methods used, or by the accuracy of the measuring instruments. For example, the height of a student is a continuous variable because a student may be 1.6321748755…

How do you identify categorical variables?

3 Answers. You could say that some variables are categorical or treat them as categorical by the length of their unique values. For instance if a variable has only unique values [-2,4,56] you could treat this variable as categorical. Every unique value in every variable treated as categorical will create a new column.